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1h 44m 2008 HD

Сайд-степ No Pobre TV. Once George was a famous boxer. He had no equal either in Russia or Europe, but because of the intrigues of his competitors, he had to interrupt his sports career at the “peak” and emigrate to the USA. He vowed never to return to his homeland ... But the vow was broken. The reason was the serious illness of the coach, who was once the closest person for him. 10 years ago, they were divorced by a major quarrel. Returning to St. Petersburg, George also meets his long-standing enemy, who is now connected with the near-sport criminal business. George will have to unravel the complex "criminal tangle", take part in the fate of a young boxer and, having met with his mother, fall in love again ...

Сайд-степ (2008)
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