Gumnaam: The Mystery

Gumnaam: The Mystery

Gumnaam: The Mystery

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1h 47m 2008 HD

gumnaam: the mystery No Pobre TV. Mumbai-based model and aspiring actress, Ria (Mahima Chaudhary), meets with stuntman, Dev (Dino Morea), and both fall in love. Shortly thereafter, she gets an offer to act as a lead actress with renowned film-maker, Muni Gandhi, and accordingly re-locates to Shimla to start the filming. Enroute, she excitedly telephones Dev and tells him of the scenic surroundings as well as the echo of bells in a tunnel that emanate from a Hanumanji Mandir. Several days later, when he does not hear from her, he decides to travel there. But before he could do so, he does get her telephone call in which she sounds distressed and asks him to help her. When he asks about her location, she is unable to provide any, and the phone gets disconnected. The question that haunts Dev is: Where is Ria, and how is he going to assist her when he does not even know her location?

Gumnaam: The Mystery (2008)
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