新金瓶梅 第三集

新金瓶梅 第三集

新金瓶梅 第三集

(6 a partir de 9 comercial)

1h 55m 1996 HD

新金瓶梅 第三集 No Pobre TV. 3rd episode of a serie of 5. Chinny is stuck in a marriage with a disgusting midget, but is seduced and tricked into becoming the fifth concubine of sexy official Simon Hsin. While Chinny is mistreated by the other concubines, Simon has affairs with anything that movies, poisons Chinny's husband, and imprisons her brother-in-law. It soon becomes apparent that this is Simon's M.O. when he steals another man's wife and kills him as well

新金瓶梅 第三集 (1996)
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